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Caterva GmbH



Caterva GmbH

30 Mitarbeiter



Kirchplatz 9

82049 Pullach im Isartal





Robert Owen



Praktikum im Bereich

Ingenieurwesen, Technische Berufe, Entwicklung


  • Weitere Bereiche
  • Informatik-Ingenieure
  • Elektrotechnik-Ingenieure

Weitere Information

Beginn: 09.07.2018

Dauer: 6 - 13 months

Vergütung: �1600 - �1750 per month + other benefits

6 - 13 months paid engineering internship

Über uns


Caterva is a young high-tech company in the field of distributed energy storage, and is pioneering a new model of grid stabilization.Recently acquired by Alelion of Sweden (specialists in batteries and renewable energy), Caterva is wellfunded for future growth.The company is managed by experts in the field who have previous success in renewable energy start-ups.

Their headquarters are in Pullach, a 15 minute commute from central Munich. Start-up companies are dynamic and exciting, so Caterva are looking for smart people, who relish a challenge and have a can-do attitude. If you have ambitions to run your own business in the future, this may be THE placement for you!   

More information on Caterva can be found at www.caterva.de


Successful candidates will work in the development lab of Caterva or in the software team. 

Caterva has a fast cycle develop, test and deployment process, that will give the successful candidates unbeatable professional experience for their future. Also, interns will have freedom on deciding how their development is implemented, giving meaningful responsibility throughout the cycle. Most importantly, the interns will be able to see how their work performs and adds value to the company.

There will be also regular involvement with marketing, sales, and manufacturing - offering a good opportunity to gain experience in all areas of the business. These year-long placements will allow the candidates to become fully familiar with Caterva technology and have a real chance to contribute to the development of the organization and the technologies used. As the company grows, it is likely that some of the Interns will return as employees after their graduation.

View our YouTube interviews with previous Students here: https://goo.gl/HzP1kJ


4 X Internships available


1. Control Centre Software

Develop High Availability Software (HAS) for Caterva's distributed storage system.The Control Center Software must operate on a 24/7 basis, so the solution has to be redundant and available even if one of the data centers fails.Your duties will include:

  • Clarify interface details for the new components 
  • Add new C ++ classes to the existing Control Center software base 
  • Add Javascript based servers to the Control Center 
  • Implement Linux bash scripts 
  • Improve HAS functionality 
  • Establish secure and robust connections using standard components (IPsec and openVPN) 


2. Power Electronics

To improve the performance and efficiency of energy storage systems, Caterva is developing novel concepts for combining power converters with batteries at home.The goal is to improve the efficiency of the system. Your duties will include:

  • Assemble and conduct tests on energy storage system prototypes 
  • Evaluate electronic components (converters, filters, resistors) 
  • Analysis device faults and propose countermeasures for serial production 
  • Improve Caterva's electronics laboratory setup 


3. Data Acquisition, Analysis & Visualization

Caterva is developing an automatic trading system for the European electricity markets. One of your tasks will be to take market data and look for trends using statistical methods. Furthermore you will build and maintain a tool that helps us visualise the constant evolution of the markets that Caterva participates in. Your duties will include:

  • Design the data acquisition services 
  • Develop and maintain a data visualisation and analysis system 
  • Model the archive databases 
  • Implement and test the data handling subsystem 
  • Apply statistical analysis to find market trends 


4. Web and Mobile

Due to the highly technical nature of the data gathered in the system, Caterva is always facing the challenge of presenting this information to the customers. This placement will allow you to tackle this challenge by working with both the frontend and back-end of our App (iOS & Android). You will also be involved in developing business processes for our CRM System to better support the growing needs of Caterva. Your duties will include:

  • Evaluate alternatives for data presentation on mobile devices 
  • Design and implement effective business processes in CRM System
  • Implement the interface to the server-side data 
  • Develop new tools as necessities arise


Specific skills desirable (by position)

1. Power Electronics

  • Both practical and theoretical problem-solving abilities
  • Passion for and understanding of power electronics 
  • Confidence with electric measurement instruments (oscilloscope, power meter) 
  • Experience with IGBT-based power converters (10-30kW range) and transformers is useful 
  • Experience with batteries and BMS useful 

2. Control Centre Software 

  • Confidence with Linux platforms 
  • Experience with C++ programming 
  • Experience with Java programming 
  • Application level knowledge of openVPN and SSH 
  • Experience with bash shell scripting 
  • Knowledge of JavaScript server programming (nodejs) is useful 

3. Data Acquisition, Analysis & Visualisation

  • Good knowledge of object oriented programming, preferably Java 
  • Confident working with databases 
  • Understanding of basic web technologies and communication protocols 
  • Experience with Linux shell environments 
  • Familiarity with data mining and big data technologies is useful 
  • Knowledge of statistics and analytic methods is useful 

4. Web and Mobile

  • Experience of web design or mobile development 
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript 
  • Good knowledge of Java is very useful
  • Experience managing productive environments (web servers) 
  • Confident working with databases